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Pansy Matrix Mixed plant

Large flowers in a wide range of colours including plant and blotched faces. Matrix flowers well throughout winter and on into spring and the following summer.

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Experts tip

Matrix pansies will flower in all but the coldest weather, and keep going all year if you let them.

A pansy plant needs to be well established before the autumn turns cold to give a good display. Plant plugs later than early to late September (depending on area) and they will provide a very poor display over the winter months, only coming into their own in spring.

These are well-established pack grown plants more comparable with plants available from a garden centre. They are supplied as good sized bushy plants usually in flower. Ready for planting directly into borders, baskets or containers they will give a good display during autumn, winter and on into the following spring.

Pansy Matrix are one of the leading strains of Pansy. They give a top display during winter, flowering in all but the coldest of weather (and bouncing back quickly when the weather improves). They also flower well in Autumn and Spring and will even carry on throughout Summer if left in place (if they get too large, simply cut back hard to encourage new growth and a fresh flush of flowers). Flowers are large and bright, being up to three inches (7cm) across.

They will grow up to eight inches (20cm) high. Plant them 8 inches (20cm) apart.

These plants are grown in a compost cell approximately 7 x 6 x 7cm (3 x 2 1/4 x 2 3/4 inches). We carefully pack them for safe transportation to your door. Some slight damage may occur to already open flowers, but these can be removed and new buds will soon replace them.

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