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3 Prima Donna Begonia Yellow bulb/tuber

Prima Donna begonias are extra large flowered with strong stems making them suitable for growing in pots and planters. They will flower from July until the first frost. Flowering height: 25cm (10 inches).

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Experts tip

Flowers can be cut and floated on a tray of water for indoor colour.

Begonias are famed for their large bright flower heads and long flowering season. On many types the flowers hang downwards making them excellent for a hanging basket at or above eye level. Most types also have rich green textured foliage.

How to Grow

Identify the top of the bulb - it is slightly concave (curved inwards), whereas the bottom of convex (curved outwards). Place upright in damp compost in a warm greenhouse or windowsill. When the bulbs start to grow they can be planted into their final container, such as a basket or large pot.

If planting in a basket (for trailing varieties), plant one tuber per 12 inch plastic or wicker basket For a 14 inch basket use three tubers. Basket, such as these, with solid sides produce a more pleasing display than traditional wire baskets.

When all danger of frost is passed (usually early to late May) they can be put out into their final location for the summer. Keep them regularly dead headed to prolong flowering.

In autumn you can dry off and store the tubers ready for the next spring.
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