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Our Philosophy

As Few or as Many as you Want

Imagine if Amazon expected you to buy books by the dozen? You wouldn't shop there.

But other gardening websites expect you to buy plants that way. Six of these, 160 of those. What if you only want one? Or if you want three blue ones and three red ones? You'll either have to throw the extras away or find some other way to use them.

This was our beginning philosophy with Bedding and Basket: we sell you the plants you want in the quantities you want. Even if you just want a single plug, that's fine with us.

Sadly there are times when it's not economic or convenient to sell singly - pre-packed bulbs or cheap bedding plugs - but even then we'll try our best to sell small quantitites if you want them, or give discounts if you buy in bulk.

A Comprehensive Range

Have you ever noticed how limited the range is in online plant stores? Mixed petunias, mixed impatiens and only one colour if ivy geranium (by the dozen).

We want to give you as much choice of varieties as we can, so you can choose exactly the right variety to match your colour scheme. And we'll gladly sell you those obscure varieties which no one else stocks.

When Would You Like Them?

We've heard some horror stories about other plant retailers. Plants orderer in April and not delivered until June, and they're so small they never actually make it into the garden.

So we decided to let you, our customer, choose when you want your plants delivered. Simply select a delivery week at the time of ordering and that's when we'll send them out.

And we won't make you wait weeks to receive them. If they are in stock we can send your order the same week - even the same day.
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